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Plaid Cymru vows independence referendum if it “commands majority” in Welsh Assembly

Labour leads opinion polls for May 2021 Welsh election, does not support vote on secession

Adam Price's article in 'The Sunday Times'
Adam Price's article in 'The Sunday Times'
Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price promised a referendum on independence within the next parliamentary term if his party “commands a majority” in the Welsh National Assembly after the May 2021 election.

In a Sunday Times article, Price said that the current devolution system cannot be considered an “end-state” as Westminster “will always reign supreme.” The independence leader warned that Wales “is in real danger” of remaining in a “rump United Kingdom” if Scotland and Northern Ireland secede.

According to polls, Plaid Cymru has been holding in 2020 a voting intention of between 18% and 26%. Surveys predict another victory for the Labour Party, which does not support calling a referendum.

The Conservative Party, which is in government in the United Kingdom, does not favour a referendum either.

Some 25% of Welsh voters say they support independence, while 50% to 55% reject it, according to polls. Some 20% to 25% are undecided.

Support for independence had for years stood at between 10% to 15%, but has grown since the Brexit referendum.