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Despite threats of censorship, documentary filmmakers show human rights violations in Western Sahara

Stories about life in Western Sahara — a disputed territory controlled by the Moroccan government — are rarely told by people who live there. In a militarized environment with aggressive controls on media and citizen reporting, few stories of Western Sahara reach audiences beyond the immediate region. But a new documentary film that charts one independent media group’s struggle to document human rights violations in Western Sahara has the opportunity to change this. Keep reading

Sahrauís a Laayoune (Sàhara Occidental) reben una càrrega de la policia antiavalots marroquina. No és estrany que hi hagi més policies que manifestants.
Roundup 4 to 11 January

Albanian declared official language across Macedonia / Issue of US recognition of Rojava

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Albanian is set to become official throughout Macedonia —pending the signature of the country’s president— after the Balkan country Parliament has approved a new law that extends linguistic rights of Albanian speakers. The decision, however, is not free of controversy. On a separate issue, news reports point to a future diplomatic recognition of Western Kurdistan, or Rojava, by the United States. Keep reading

Zoran Zaev, primer ministre macedoni.
News 28.12.2017 a les 10:30h

Southern Cameroons crisis has marginalized Anglophones seeking independent republic

 The Southern Cameroons crisis continues to flare up as violent clashes are taking place between Cameroonian forces and secessionist armed groups following the 1 October independence declaration. Thousands have fled to Nigeria —where a pro-independence government has been formed in exile— as Cameroonian president Paul Biya vows to crush the revolt. The conflict, which has now been lasting for half a century, sinks its roots into the government’s refusal to respect the country’s federal founding pact and the consequent subordination of Southern Cameroon’s Anglophone population to French-speaking Cameroon. The division is a colonial heritage, however it remains alive and shapes current collective identities. Keep reading

Una protesta de sud-camerunesos, amb les seves banderes nacionals, a Nova York.
News 22.12.2017 a les 12:00h

Pro-independence parties secure absolute majority in Catalan Parliament

Pro-independence parties won yet another absolute majority in the Catalan Parliament, 70 seats out of 135, with votes to parties supporting the holding of a referendum on independence reaching 55%. The result is a blow for the Spanish government, which had triggered the election —illegally, according to pro-independence parties and associations— after having suspended Catalonia’s devolution following the 27 October Catalan independence declaration. Two main pro-independence parties ERC and Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT) are poised to form a new government. Keep reading

Candidats de Junts per Catalunya celebren la victòria de l'independentisme.
Roundup 15 to 20 December

Italy-Austria crisis over South Tyrol citizens’ citizenship / A million Welsh speakers in 2050

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. A decision by the new Austrian government to grant Austrian citizenship to German- and Ladin-speaking South Tyroleans who request it has triggered a crisis between Vienna and Rome. The decision follows a decades-long demand by German-speaking South Tyrolean parties. The Welsh government has put forward new measures to achieve the goal that, in 2050, one million Welsh people speak the country’s own language. Meanwhile, pro-Amazigh and anti-government protests in Kabylia are going on, police forces repressing them. In Zanzibar, football fans are celebrating the performance of their national team in an international African cup. Keep reading

Rètol a la ciutat de Meran: "El Tirol del Sud no és Itàlia"
Roundup 8 to 14 December

Massive protests in Kabylia / Survival of slavery in Mauritania

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Kabylia has undergone a convulse week as at least tens of thousands have protested in the streets against marginalization of the Amazigh language. Violent clashes have been reported. Also in North Africa, controversy over the survival of slavery in Mauritania has seen yet another chapter, the country’s president blaming abolitionist organizations of seeking to politically exploit that scourge. In Bangladesh, a new Doctors Without Borders estimation puts the number of Rohingya killed during the August-September attacks against them at 6,700, well above official figures. Keep reading

Protesta cabilenca contra la marginació de la llengua amaziga.
News 11.12.2017 a les 11:45h

Corsican nationalists win absolute majority, call on French government to negotiate autonomy

Corsican nationalist alliance Pè a Corsica is set to form a new government in the Mediterranean island after it won, 10 December, an absolute majority in the second round of the Corsican Assembly election. The alliance, made up of pro-autonomy Femu a Corsica and pro-independence Corsica Libera, swept elections by achieving 56.5% of the votes cast, which translated into 41 of 63 seats in play. It is a historical result for the Corsican movement. The winning alliance called on the French government to negotiate a Statute of Autonomy for the island. Keep reading

Simeoni i Talamoni celebren la seva victòria aquest 10 de desembre.
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