Roundup 9 to 15 March

Corsica’s road towards constitutional recognition / Somaliland’s progress in foreign policy

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. The pro-autonomy government of Corsica continues to press the French executive to grant some level of devolution to the island, seizing the opportunity of the upcoming recognition of Corsica in the Constitution, planned for 2018. Meanwhile, de facto independent Somaliland has been inking a deal with both the UAE and Ethiopia despite opposition from Somalia. In our weekly selection of stories, an article on Indigenous and Afro-descendant seats in the new Colombian Parliament and another one on pro-independence graffittis having appeared in the Chinese city of Canton can also be found. Keep reading

 Talamoni (esquerra) i Simeoni (dreta), en una imatge d'arxiu.
News 13.3.2018 a les 09:45h

The Kashmiri people versus the Indian state

Decades of repression by the Indian army against the Kashmiri people have left a legacy of death, violence, violation of human rights and denial of the right to self-determination of Kashmir, one of the most militarized areas on the planet. Three journalists from the Indian subcontinent critically review India's policies in the region in this Global Voices in-depth report. Keep reading

Srinagar, el 2010.
Roundup 2 to 8 March

Rights of peoples and rights of women / Anti-Muslim wave of attacks in Sri Lanka

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. In a week marked by feminist mobilizations around the world, Nationalia today is releasing an article (only in Catalan version) about the Kurdish women’s movement in Turkey, signed by Ana Villellas, a researcher at the School of Peace Culture in Catalonia. Moreover, today’s Weekly Roundup is headed by a digest of articles on the issues of collective rights of peoples and women’s rights that have been released over the last few days in the media. And besides, we are also highlighting violence again shaking Sri Lanka, where a wave of anti-Muslim attacks has been unleashed. Keep reading

Roundup 23 February to 1 March

Brexit conundrum in Northern Ireland / Catalonia’s Puigdemont seeks leadership of Council of the Republic in Brussels

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Catalan president Carles Puigdemont has said he accepts to step down as government leader given the fact he cannot return to Catalonia from exile, and instead aims at establishing the Council of the Republic “to lead the way towards Catalan independence.” Another conundrum, in a quite different circumstances, can be found in Northern Ireland, where a draft proposal by the EU for an agreement on Brexit has been praised and critised alike. In Taiwan, a campaign for an independence referendum in 2019 has been launched. And in the Aosta Valley, yet another pro-autonomy party has been born. Keep reading

Theresa May es troba amb el president de la Comissió Europea, Jean-Claude Juncker, recentment a Brussel·les.
Roundup 16 to 22 February

80th anniversary of Romansh as Swiss national language marked / 500,000 euros for Breton reunification

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. In the week marking the International Mother Language Day, we have chosen to pick a significant celebration linked to the linguistic question as this week’s news highlight: the challenges that Romansh, which 80 years ago was declared a national language of Switzerland, is facing today. In addition, we will also discuss a new move for the reunification of Brittany plus other issues that, as every week, you will find in the stories and analysis’ digest. Keep reading

Web de Radiotelevisiun Svizra Rumantscha, operador públic que emet en romanx.
News 20.2.2018 a les 11:30h

As earth trembles again, Fryslân and Groningen protest against gas extraction

Alarms sounded yet once more in the north of the Netherlands earlier this year when earth trembled on 8 January at Zeerijp, in the province of Groningen. The magnitude of the earthquake was 3.4 on the Richter scale, the strongest one since in 2012 another one hit Huizinge, in the same province. It is now an established fact that ever growing earthquakes and land subsidence in an area that also includes neighbouring Fryslân are linked to gas and salt extraction that has been going on in the area for decades now. Parties and organizations of the two provinces are staging a protest on 24 February against gas sourcing and salt mining and to seek compensations. Keep reading

Pou de Wilderwank, al jaciment de Groningen.
Roundup 9 to 15 February

Hunger strike for Welsh television / Preparations for New Caledonia referendum progress

 WEEKLY ROUNDUP. A campaign demanding the devolution of broadcasting powers to Wales is stepping up this week as a young activist is planning to start a week-long hunger strike. Another protest is taking place between Luxembourg and Strasbourg as internationalists are staging a march in solidarity with Kurdistan. Meanwhile in Paris, agreements and preparations for the referendum on self-determination of New Caledonia are progressing. Keep reading

Elfed Wyn Jones (esquerra) i una captura del web del canal gal·lès S4C.
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