Roundup 10 to 16 November

Crimes against civilian population in Mindanao / Demonstration for “fair financing system” in Valencian Country

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. An Amnesty International report details crimes committed for over five months against the civilian population of Marawi, in Mindanao, in the hands of both the Philippine army and groups affiliated to the Islamic State. In Europe, this week we are highlighting the demonstration for a new funding arrangement in the Valencian Country. Keep reading

Edifici de Marawi en flames després d'un bombardeig de l'aviació filipina.
Roundup 3 to 9 November

Troubled accommodation of Tatarstan in Russian Federation / Western Sahara to be Moroccan “till end of time”

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. It has been a complicated week in Tatarstan, where the reduction of Tatar hours in school has once again shown the difficulties of Russia’s federated republics in exercising their self-government. In Catalonia, Parliament president Carme Forcadell has enlarged the list of Catalan political prisoners in Spanish prisons. And in Morocco, king Mohamed VI has insisted that Western Sahara will remain occupied forever. Keep reading

Kazan, la capital del Tatarstan.
News 9.11.2017 a les 12:15h

Moroccan journalists keep fighting to cover the Hirak Movement, despite state intimidation

One year after protests erupted in the northern city of Al Hoceima, Moroccan media are still struggling to cover the news, despite intimidation and legal threats from Moroccan authorities. The protest movement in Morocco's Rif region began with the death of fish vendor Mohsin Fekri on 29 October 2016. Fekri was crushed to death by a garbage truck while trying to retrieve his fish, which had been confiscated by local authorities. The protests have since grown into a “Hirak” or a movement for jobs and economic development, and against marginalization and corruption. Despite a government ban on demonstrations, protests were still held over the weekend to commemorate Fekri's death. Keep reading

Concentració a Imzouren, a 14 quilòmetres d'Al Hoceima, al Rif.
Roundup 27 October to 2 November

Catalan government jailed / Northern Ireland a bit closer to direct rule from London

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Just six days after Catalonia declared independence 27 October, the Spanish state has imprisoned two thirds of the Catalan government 2 November, while the remaining third is in exile in Belgium and the nation’s self-government is suspended. Northern Ireland is another territory that —over very different reasons— is moving towards the suspension of its autonomy. Meanwhile, in Honduras, a report sheds new light on the murder of Indigenous activist Berta Cáceres. And in South Kurdistan, president Masoud Barzani is stepping down as president. Keep reading

Protesta per l'alliberament dels presos polítics.
News 31.10.2017 a les 14:45h

Puigdemont warns Catalan Republic still “a long way to go”

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont admitted there is still a “long way to go” until the Catalan Republic can be implemented. Speaking from Brussels, Puigdemont explained that the Catalan government had not promoted specific measures to consolidate the Republic on the ground, seeking to avoid a “highly aggressive” response entailing “enormous violence” that, according to “data from proven sources,” the Spanish authorities were ready to deploy in the aftermath of the 27 October independence declaration. The Catalan president also said he accepts the upcoming 21 December Catalan election despite the fact it has been called by Spanish president Mariano Rajoy under the application of article 155 and under the current suspension of Catalan autonomy. Keep reading

El president i els consellers, durant la compareixença a Brussel·les.
News 27.10.2017 a les 16:00h

Catalonia declares independence

The Catalan Parliament today declared independence from Spain as MPs passed in a secret ballot a resolution launching the constituent process of the republic and calling on the Catalan government to build the new state. Pro-independence parliamentary groups Together for Yes and CUP have argued the decision implements the popular mandate of the 1 October independence referendum, in which 90% of voters supported secession.  Keep reading

Govern, diputats i alcaldes just després de la proclamació de la República Catalana.
Roundup 20 to 26 October

Social unrest in Guiana over mining project / South Kurdistan under threat

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Social movements in Guiana are protesting against a mining megaproject coinciding with the visit of French president Emmanuel Macron to the overseas department. Also in South America, it is now confirmed that activist Santiago Maldonado died —the reason why still not disclosed— after having taken part in a Mapuche protest in Chile. Meanwhile, South Kurdistan now lives under the threat of the advance of the Iraqi army. Keep reading

Protesta a la Guaiana, aquesta setmana.
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