In brief

La Passem! race raises funds for Occitan language projects

Participants run through Gascon lands for six days

The 2022 La Passem! reaches its final stage.
The 2022 La Passem! reaches its final stage. Author: Ligams / Hanna Attoumane
From 30 April to 5 May, the streets and roads of Gascony will host the fourth edition of La Passem!, a relay race organised every two years to raise funds for projects favouring the Occitan language. The 1,100-kilometre route starts in Tarba and ends six days and five nights later in Lo Mont de Marçan.

The race is organised by the association Ligams and follows a similar logic to that of other relay events, such as the Basque Korrika. Kilometres can be purchased, and the funds raised are directed to initiatives that promote the Occitan language. The last race, in 2022, raised 67,000 euros, helping 14 projects.

Along the route, activities and shows related to the Occitan language and culture are also organised.