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Sardinia election: Alessandra Todde (M5S) becomes Sardinia’s first female president

Both Sardist lists are left outside autonomous Council

Alessandra Todde.
Alessandra Todde. Author: Compte d\'Alessandra Todde a X
Alessandra Todde, a member of the 5 Star Movement (M5S), has won the Sardinian election and is set to become the first woman to preside over the island’s institutions. Todde narrowly defeated (45.3% of the vote to 45.0%) the right-wing candidate and mayor of Cagliari, Paolo Truzzu (Brothers of Italy).

Todde and Truzzu’s lists exceed 10% of the votes, the minimum required by Sardinian electoral law to enter the seat distribution in the Sardinian Council. Thus, the parties on Todde’s ticket (Democratic Party, M5S, Greens, and several minor centre-left parties) will have 36 seats out of 60 in the Council, while Truzzu’s list members (Brothers of Italy, Forza Italia and others) will have 24.

The only Sardinian nationalist party in the upcoming council will be the Sardinian Action Party (PSd’Az), with 5.4 per cent of the vote and 3 seats won as part of Truzzu’s candidacy. However, the PSd’Az has in recent years diluted its Sardinian nationalist discourse within an alliance in which Italian nationalists draw the line. In fact, in 2019, the PSd’Az won the Sardinian presidency in Christian Solinas, at the head of an alliance that brought together parties from the centre to the radical right. At that time, the Sardinian party won 7 seats with just under 10 per cent of the vote.

The rest of sardinism, outside the Council

Two sardist lists headed by Renato Soru and Lucia Chessa have been left with 8.7% and 1% of the vote, respectively, and will not be allocated seats. It should be noted that Chessa did not run in all constituencies.

Soru, at the head of an autonomist alliance, was supported by pro-independence parties Sardinian Republic Independence (IRS), Sardinian Republic Project (ProGreS) and Liberu. While the alliance won 8.7 per cent of the vote, only 2.3 per cent belonged to these pro-independence parties.

Chessa, whose candidacy was backed by centre-left federalist party Rossomori, said her project had just been born and that this election was only “a way of making themselves known to Sardinians.”