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Demonstration called to defend education in Occitan

The Initiative for Occitania group is calling a rally to defend the teaching of Occitan in Provence. The protest will take place in Manòsca (Manosque) on 31 May at 10 am in front of the Lycée Felix Escangon. Protesters demand "the maintenance and development of Occitan courses now under threat," and also "a widespread provision of Occitan courses in all schools and training areas, from kindergarten up to university." Keep reading

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Is it possible to paddle a sea kayak from Greenland to Scotland? Adventurers hope to show it is

Stories shrouded in the mists of time tell us that Inuit sailors may have reached the coast of Scotland paddling their kayaks. But is that really possible? English explorers Olly Hicks and George Bullard are convinced it is. They will try to show it this summer, when they hope to complete a six-week voyage between Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Scotland in a kayak. Keep reading

La ruta de l'expedició.
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Turkish Cypriot president says next 7 months vital for peace in Cyprus

The president of Northern Cyprus, Mustafa Akinci, is arguing that the next 7 months will be vital in order to reach a final peace agreement on the reunification of Cyprus. The Turkish Cypriot leader said this after the two main Greek Cypriot parties supporting a peace deal (DISY and AKEL) lost some ground in Sunday's Cypriot parliamentary election. Keep reading

Mustafa Akinci.
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Labour, Lib Dems form coalition government in Wales after Plaid Cymru deal

Labour and Liberal Democrats have formed a coalition government in Wales after the former reached an agreement with main opposition party Plaid Cymru. First Minister Carwyn Jones (Labour) will thus be able to remain the head of the Welsh government. The only Lib Dem AM, Kirsty Williams, joins the Labour-led executive as secretary of Education. Keep reading

Carwyn Jones.
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