News 28.9.2016 a les 17:15h

Catalonia to hold independence referendum in September 2017 if deal with Spanish government to call one not reached

"The resolution" of the independence process will be done "either through a referendum or a referendum," Catalan president Carles Puigdemont told lawmakers today. According to Puigdemont, the referendum will be either agreed with the Spanish goverment or, if it is not, the Catalan government will unilaterally hold it in the second half of September 2017. Keep reading

Carles Puigdemont, durant la sessió.
News 27.9.2016 a les 11:30h

Over 99% of Srpska voters support controversial national holiday in referendum

99.8% of voters in a referendum held Sunday in the Republic of Srpska supported keeping January 9 as the national holiday of the Serb-majority entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The vote was held amid great controversy, since in 2015 the Constitutional Court of BiH had declared illegal the holiday. The vote has been held only one week ahead local elections in the Balkan country. Keep reading

Milorad Dodik.
News 26.9.2016 a les 14:15h

Galician election returns absolute majority for Spanish conservatives, reorganizes left-wing camp

Predictions that left-wing alliance En Marea would overtake the Spanish Socialists (PSOE) in Galicia have been only partially fulfilled after yesterday's election to the Galician Parliament, in which Spanish conservative PP clearly won. Incumbent Alberto Núñez Feijóo reelected as Galician president for the coming 4 years. Galician pro-sovereignty BNG performed better than expected. Keep reading

News 26.9.2016 a les 11:15h

Basque nationalists win comfortable victory, broad popular support for right to decide confirmed

Basque president Iñigo Urkullu's Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) emerged strengthened from yesterday's Basque election as it managed to win 29 seats -its third best result ever- in the 75-seat Basque Parliament. PNV has now enough seats to strike a deal with whatever government partner it chooses among the other four parties in Parliament. Urkullu's best tune is with the Spanish Socialists (PSOE), but wider Spanish politics might advise his party to design a more open pact strategy that also includes the Spanish Conservatives (PP). Keep reading

News 22.9.2016 a les 11:30h

Bishop of Pàmias to ask forgiveness for Cathar Crusade

October 16 is set to become a historic day in Occitania as bishop of Pàmias Jean-Marc Eychenne is expected to ask forgiveness for the Cathar Crusade. An act of "repentance for the Albigensian Crusade, and more specifically for the Motntsegur killings," is scheduled for that day, according to France 3's Blòg Occitan post. Keep reading

El castell de Montsegur.
News 20.9.2016 a les 11:30h

Spanish conservatives seek renewed absolute majority in Galicia election, left camp to undergo major changes

Galicia is heading to polls on Sunday 25 to renew all 75 seats in Parliament, with two main questions still unclear. One, whether Spanish conservative PP will again earn an absolute majority. And two, whether newborn Galician party En Marea will overtake Spanish social democrat PSOE as Galicia's left-wing strongest party. Most (but not all) surveys predict both questions will get an affirmative answer, which may have consequences not only for Galicia, but also for the wider Spanish politics. Keep reading

Parlament de Galícia.
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“The ‘country of countries’ which Podemos is calling for harks back to an old idea of Ortega y Gasset”

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