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Disagreement over Terai autonomy remains after two months in Nepal

A stalemate between the Nepali government and several Madhesi organizations and political parties continues as it has been two months since the three main Nepalese parties agreed to pass a new federal Constitution for the Himalayan country. Madhesis are holding protests since summer as they perceive that the new Constitution continues to marginalize them. Keep reading

Províncies federades del Nepal.
News 27.11.2015 a les 11:30h

Educational project for descendants of slaves in Mauritania seeks funding

Even if they are a significant part of the country's population, the Haratin -or black Moors- are enduring political and social discrimination in Mauritania, some of them even being subject to slavery. A project promoted by IRA Mauritanie and UNPO organizations is seeking to provide opportunities through education for a better future to Haratin children, descendants of slaves. Keep reading

News 26.11.2015 a les 11:00h

Mauricio Macri and Argentina's indigenous peoples

The indigenous dossier will be one among several on Mauricio Macri's desk after the conservative candidate won the Argentinian presidential election on Sunday. The president-elect promised, during the election campaign, to find a solution to a land dispute involving the Qom people, native to the country's north. But Macri's tenure on this issue is expected to be all but calm if one takes into account the fact that several indigenous organizations sided with centre-left Front for Victory candidate Daniel Scioli -who in the end was defeated by Macri. Keep reading

Mauricio Macri.
News 25.11.2015 a les 13:45h

Podemos amends manifesto, includes explicit commitment to Catalan referendum

Left-wing party Podemos today amended its December 20th Spanish legislative election manifesto and included an explicit commitment to hold a referendum in Catalonia. More specifically, Pablo Iglesias's party added a new paragraph to its proposal number 277, which now speaks of "promoting the call of a referendum in Catalonia with guarantees" so that citizens "are able to decide the kind of territorial connection" they wish with "the rest of Spain." Keep reading

L'apartat esmenat al programa de Podem.
News 25.11.2015 a les 11:00h

Russia-Ukraine tension mounts again, Crimean Tatars in the midst

The Crimean Tatar movement is in the midst of a new Crimea-related controversy after much of the peninsula has been deprived of electricity due to transmission lines from Ukraine being blown up last Friday. The Russian Ministry of Energy has blamed Kiev for not doing enough to rapidly repair the damaged lines, and the Russian government-owned company Gazprom has today cut gas supplies to Ukraine. Keep reading

Un dels pilons caiguts.
News 23.11.2015 a les 13:15h

Long, uncertain road toward reconciliation and federalism awaits Burma

Aung San Suu Kyi insisted for years that one of her National League for Democracy's goals was to amend the constitution in order to turn Burma into a federal state. After her party's huge success in the November 8th election, Nobel Peace laureate Suu Kyi will have an opportunity to deliver. Burma's stateless nations will for sure be demanding it. But it remains to be seen how -and to what extent- will Suu Kyi be able to convince the military, and how will she manage the explosive situation in Rakhine state. Keep reading

Aung San Suu Kyi.
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"Iraqi Kurds are less able to declare independence than they used to be one year ago"
Cale Salih
Fellow member of the European Council for Foreign Relations as an expert in the Kurdish question

"Iraqi Kurds are less able to declare independence than they used to be one year ago"

"The Catalan people has showed its dignity and impeccable democratic behaviour to the whole world"
Daniel Turp
Professor in International Law and a member of Parti Quebecois

"The Catalan people has showed its dignity and impeccable democratic behaviour to the whole world"