Roundup 21 to 27 April

Indigenous protest in Brazil / Arrest of pro-independence politicians in Hong Kong / French presidential election

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. French voters prepare themselves to elect the country’s next president in a 6 May runoff between centrist Emmanuel Macron and far right Marine Le Pen. The first round has left some interesting differences in votes as regards territories and diversity. This week’s roundup also includes some Indigenous news in the Americas, ranging from a new wave of murders in Colombia to a thousands-strong protest in Brazil. Information on two pro-independence former MPs in Hong Kong, who have been arrested for some hours, can also be found. Keep reading

Un moment de la protesta a Brasília.
Roundup 24 to 30 March

Second referendum in Scotland / General strike in Guyana / 20th edition of Korrika

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. In the same week the UK government has triggered the formal Brexit process, the Scottish Parliament has mandated the Scottish government to ask a second referendum on independence. These are turbulent times in the UK, where Northern Irish self-government could be endangered in the short term. Turbulence, of a quite different nature, is also being experienced in French Guyana, hit by a huge social mobilization of many faces. A more festive time is taking place in the Basque Country as the race for the Basque language —the Korrika— reaches its 20th edition. Keep reading

Comença la Korrika 2017.
News 28.3.2017 a les 08:30h

There’s an ongoing Indigenous occupation in Taiwan

Indigenous demonstrators from the Indigenous Youth Front and other groups have occupied Taipei's Ketagalan Boulevard for 30 days now. Demonstrators are demanding the return of traditional lands and more comprehensive action by the Tsai administration to realize transitional justice for Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan. Keep reading

Protesta del moviment indígena, a Taipei.
Roundup 17 to 23 March

Farewell to Martin McGuinness / Popular referendums on Basque sovereignty / Protests in Macedonia

WEEKLY ROUNDUP. Martin McGuinness, one of the most prominent figures of Irish Republicanism, has been laid to rest after he died this week, aged 66. McGuinness was a key figure in Northern Ireland’s road to peace. Peace is also advancing in the Basque Country, as ETA announced it will be fully disarming itself, but is going backwards in Kurdistan, where Newroz has been marked under the sign of violence. Meanwhile, Macedonia is living weeks of political and social tension, in which the role of the Albanian language has much to do. Keep reading

Funeral de Martin McGuinness, a Derry.
News 22.3.2017 a les 14:15h

“Essential” step towards independence vote cleared as Catalan Parliament approves 2017 budget

The pro-independence majority in the 135-seat Catalan Parliament today passed a 2017 budget that allocates money to hold a vote on secession from Spain. Main Catalan pro-independence alliance JxSí (62 seats) deemed the approval of the budget as an “essential” step towards the referendum. Pro-independence, left-wing party CUP (10 seats) urged the Catalan government to set “the date and wording” of the referendum. Opposition parties, on the other hand, argue the 2017 budget is “illegal”, and warned they would be challenging them in court. Keep reading

Carles Puigdemont.
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