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In Sarawak, Self-government Day becomes symbol of struggle for autonomy

The government of Sarawak is marking today for the first time as a public holiday the Self-government Day -officially known as "Sarawak Day"- amid growing demands for expanded autonomy within Malaysia. The Sarawak government has now been negotiating for months with the Malaysian government a new agreement to be devolved further powers. Meanwhile, the sovereignty movement is demanding full internal self-government. Keep reading

News 21.7.2016 a les 11:45h

U'wa people intensify occupation of gas plant in Colombia after 50 day protest

A protest staged by indigenous U'wa people is increasing after the community argued the government has no intention to honour an agreement signed with them in 2014. After a 50 day-long protest in which indigenous guards have been blocking access to the plant and occupying its outer areas, now the activists have entered the complex itself. They say they will not end the protest until the Colombian government "meets the requirements" of the U'wa nation. Keep reading

Els indígenes que ocupen la planta.
News 20.7.2016 a les 12:45h

Irish PM: Brexit talks should “take into account” border poll possibility

For the first time, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has opened the door to a referendum on reunification with Northern Ireland as a consequence of Brexit. That demand has been strongly voiced by opposition party Sinn Féin from the day after of the June 23 referendum, in which the UK as a whole voted for leaving the EU, but Northern Ireland voted to remain. Keep reading

Enda Kenny.
News 19.7.2016 a les 11:15h

Coup in Turkey shows neither side is democratic enough, Kurdish movement says

The Kurdish movement reacted to Friday's failed coup stressing that the situation shows how weak is democracy in Turkey, and predicting that a political solution to the Kurdish issue will not come without a strengthening of democratic practices in the country. Both the pro-Kurdish HDP party (59 seats in the Turkish Parliament) and the PKK-linked organizations held such stances, albeit with nuances. Keep reading

Erdogan s'adreça al país per FaceTime durant el cop d'estat.
Opinion 13.7.2016 a les 17:30h

Canadian media colonialism and the revitalization of indigenous languages

ANALYSIS. By John Ahni Schertow*. Some 93 percent of indigenous languages in Australia have become extinct. This is by far the most serious case of "linguicide" in the world. However, if things continue unchanged, Canada may come to challenge that record. According to UNESCO, 88 of Canada's 90 Indigenous languages are now on the verge of extinction. Unless indigenous language holders, communities and their allies develop appropriate strategies that focus more on revitalizing rather than merely preserving these endangered languages, it's only a matter of time before we lose them just as we have lost so many others. Keep reading

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“The ‘country of countries’ which Podemos is calling for harks back to an old idea of Ortega y Gasset”
Helena Miguélez-Carballeira
Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at Bangor University (Wales)

“The ‘country of countries’ which Podemos is calling for harks back to an old idea of Ortega y Gasset”

"Iraqi Kurds are less able to declare independence than they used to be one year ago"
Cale Salih
Fellow member of the European Council for Foreign Relations as an expert in the Kurdish question

"Iraqi Kurds are less able to declare independence than they used to be one year ago"