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Constitutional referendum puts an end to Renzi's government

Matteo Renzi is set to submit today his resignation after the severe defeat suffered yesterday in the referendum on constitutional reform. 59% of voters rejected a set of Renzi-backed changes to the Constitution —some of which aimed at greater centralization of Italy— and all in all, opposition to the reform got 6 million votes more than support to it. Renzi's failure opens a difficult-to-manage scenario. Keep reading

Renzi anuncia la seva dimissió després del referèndum d'ahir.
News 29.11.2016 a les 12:15h

Sitting Bull successors fight pipeline in North Dakota

A US Army corps and the state of North Dakota have ordered an Indigenous mobilization —one of the most participated and prolonged in recent times— to lift its double Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stones protest camp. Officials say the protesters can not stay there because of freezing temperatures at this time of the year. But the leader of the Sioux reservation where protests are taking place believes the order to be an attempt to “cause fear”. Keep reading

Protesta contra l'oleoducte a Bismarck, capital de Dakota del Nord, novembre 2016.
News 28.11.2016 a les 10:45h

“Radical” Fillon wins France's right-wing presidential primary

François Fillon yesterday won the second round of France's main right-wing presidential primary, with 66% of the votes cast. Fillon will therefore be the candidate of the main French conservative party, Les Républicains, in next year's election to the presidency of France which will take place on April 23 —first round— May 7 —run-off. Keep reading

François Fillon, en campanya.
News 24.11.2016 a les 10:00h

The Arizona tribe that knows how to stop a Trump wall

President-elect Donald Trump says that he will build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. It will stop undocumented immigrants from entering the country. It will stop drugs from entering the country. It will be 50 feet tall. It will be nearly a thousand miles long. And it will cut the traditional lands of the Tohono O’odham Nation of Arizona in half. Keep reading

La reserva Tohono O'odham.
News 22.11.2016 a les 10:15h

Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Corsica agree on islandsʼ “joint front” vis-à-vis European institutions

The governments of the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia yesterday announced in Majorca's capital Palma a trilateral agreement to forward insular interests vis-à-vis the European institutions. Demands for an island-specific tax system is one of the pillars of the deal. The Corsican government —since December 2015 led by a coalition of pro-autonomy and pro-independence parties— has been the main driver of this effort to bring the three insular governments together. Keep reading

Simeoni, Armengol i Pigliaru.
News 21.11.2016 a les 14:00h

Basque language organizations urge new Iparralde governing body to take linguistic policy one step further

The Northern Basque Country, or Iparralde, is set to have its first-ever own governing body under the form of an association of municipalities, or EPCI, of the Basque Country, starting from 1 January. Its powers, under French law, are likely to include linguistic and cultural responsibilities. It is in this context that Euskaltzaindia (the Academy of the Basque Language) and Euskal Konfederazioa (the umbrella organization for the Basque cultural movement in the Northern Basque Country) are urging the new body to take on a clear leadership and promotion role for the Basque language. Keep reading

Lectura del manifest per part de les dues entitats, a Baiona.
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