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Two Tyrols pushed further apart? Austria plans fence on Brenner border

Austria plans to build a fence on the Brennerpass to stop the arrival of migrants and refugees across the Italian-Austrian border, which cuts Tyrol into two separate regions: North Tyrol, in Austria, and South Tyrol, in Italy. The move is being opposed by both the governments of South Tyrol and Italy. The South Tyrolean government fears any restrictive measures could hit North Tyrol-South Tyrol communications and exchanges and could mean a step backwards in European integration. Keep reading

L'autopista del Brenner, cantó austríac.
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Will South Ossetia be the next Crimea?

ANALYSIS. By Sandra Veloy Mateu*. In the past months, there have been many talks about the possibility of South Ossetia holding a Crimean-style referendum to join Russia. Last October, the president of the breakaway region, Leonid Tibilov, announced his desire to hold such a referendum. This caused outrage in Georgia and the West. The international community does not recognise the independence of the region, which after years of struggle officially declared its independence from Georgia in 2008 after a short but devastating war, in which Georgia fought South Ossetian forces backed by Russia. Currently, only four countries recognise South Ossetia as an independent state: Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru. Keep reading

Leonid Tibílov (esquerra) i Vladímir Putin (dreta) el 2012.
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What's in a name? Moravian autonomists oppose Czech Republic rebranding itself to "Czechia"

FEATURE. By David Forniès. All United Nations member states have the right to be officially referred to by a short name of their choice. The French Republic is thus known as France, just as the United Mexican States are simply Mexico. The Czech Republic, however, does not have a specific short name at the UN level. That is set to change: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ask the UN to inscribe "Czechia" as the country's short name while retaining "Czech Republic" as its official, full name. The decision, however, is raising criticism in Moravia, the territory that covers the country's eastern third. Moravian organizations and parties are calling a demonstration on Saturday 23rd in the Moravian capital Brno to tell the government that "Czechia" does not take into account the diversity of the country. The name debate takes place against the backdrop of demands for recognition and Moravian autonomy. Keep reading

Una samarreta amb el nom "Txèquia" en anglès.
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