European parties will send international observers to Catalonia on December 13

Consultations for the independence of Catalonia will be held in 130 towns on December 13 · Corsica Libera and Indipendentzia Repubrica de Sardigna will send observers · Sinn Féin and the European Free Alliance have given their support and will consider sending officials.

The wave of consultations on Catalan independence due on December 13 is drawing attention beyond Catalan boundaries, particularly in European dependent nations. Political parties from these countries are taking close interest on the civil initiative that started off in the Catalan town of Arenys de Munt on September 13. The Coordinating Committee for the Consultations on Independence has confirmed today that pro-sovereignty political parties from Corsica, Sardinia, Ireland, Wales and Scotland might take part in the non-binding referendums as international observers. Some of them have already confirmed their participation, namely Corsica Libera and Indipendentzia Repubrica de Sardigna.

Members of the Coordinating Committee have also had contacts with Sinn Féin and the European Free Alliance (EFA), the European political party representing pro-autonomy and pro-independence parties such as the Scottish National Party (SNP), Plaid Cymru (PC) from Wales and the Galician Nationalist Bloc (BNG), among others. In both cases officials have expressed their support for the consultations and said they would announce within the following days their disposition to send observers. Both Sinn Féin and EFA have seats in the European Parliament. The delegation of the Coordinating Committee will try to meet with other political parties. Arrangements to hold talks with the Swedish Left Party have already been made.

The Committee's delegates in Brussels Anna Arqué, Uriel Bertran and Jordi Miró are also explaining to the European political forces the situation of the independence process in Catalonia and denouncing "the obstacles raised by Spain to stop the consultations". The Coordinating Committee for the Consultations on Independence, which is facilitating the organisation of 130 simultaneous consultations next December, criticized yesterday "Spain's totalitarian attitude" and called for a EU intervention after it was revealed that Spain's Public Prosecutor Office will appeal against each and every one consultation. The Coordinating Committee holds that Spain is "violating the Lisbon treaty, which sets out the European Union's aims and values of peace and full democracy".

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