Nation profile

Catalan Countries
Països Catalans

General information
14.000.000 inhabitants (est)
65.000 km² (est)
Autonomous governments of Catalonia, Valencian Country, Balearic Islands and Government of Andorra
Major cities
Barcelona, València, Palma, Perpinyà
Administració estatal
Kingdom of Spain (Catalonia, Valencian Country, Balearic Islands and Franja), French Republic (Northern Catalonia) and Principality of Andorra
Territorial languages
Catalan, Occitan (Aran, Fenolheda), Spanish (western counties of the Valencian Country)
Official languages
Catalan (Catalonia, Valencian Country, Balearic Islands, Andorra), Spanish (Catalonia, Valencian Country, Balearic Islands), French (Northern Catalonia)
Major religion
Christianity (Catholicism)

The Catalan Countries are those territories that either are Catalan-speaking or are included in larger political units where Catalan is spoken. Based on political, historical or identity-related features, several main territorial units can be distinguished within the Catalan Countriestypically they are Catalonia, the Valencian Country, each one of the four Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera), the Franja, Andorra and Northern Catalonia. According to some conceptions, El Carxe and L'Alguer can also be added to the list.

Based on the idea of a common linguistic, cultural and historical heritage, some sectors of Catalan nationalism argue that the Catalan Countries, as a whole, form one single nation. Other sectors, on the contrary, counter that the Catalan Countries are a linguistic and cultural domain but not one common nation, and advocate instead that at least some of their territories are different nations on their own.