Nation profile


General information
16.300.000 inhabitants aprox. (2016)
190.000 km2
Regions of New Aquitaine, Occitania, Rhône-Alpes-Auvergne and Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (French Republic), government and National Council (Parliament) of the Principality of Monaco, and General Council of Aran (Catalonia, Kingdom of Spain)
Major cities
Marselha (Marseilles), Tolosa (Toulouse), Montpelhièr (Montpellier), Pau, Niça (Nice) and Lemòtges (Limoges)
Administració estatal
French Republic, Italian Republic, Kingdom of Spain and Principality of Monaco
Territorial languages
Occitan, Ligurian
Official languages
French (France, Monaco), Italian (Italy), Occitan, Catalan, Spanish (Catalonia, Spain)
Major religion
Christianity (mainly Catholicism, also some Protestantism)


Occitania is a country defined by the historic area of the Occitan language. It encompasses the south of present-day France, plus Aran (a semi-autonomous county in Catalonia), the Principality of Monaco and the Occitan Valleys in the westernmost area of the Italian region of Piedmont.

Neither in the past nor in present times has Occitania had a common government or State for all of its territories. Aran and Monaco are two small territories having their own institutions, dating back to the Middle Ages. The rest of Occitania (more than 99% of its territory) is organized under four decentralized regions of France.

Area: 633,60 Km2
Population: 9.926 inhabitants (2015)
Capital: Vielha e Mijaran
Territorial language: Occitan (locally known as Aranese)
Official language: Occitan, Catalan and Spanish
Political system: Semi-autonomous county within Catalonia
President, party (year): Carles barrera, CDA (since 2011)
Distribution of seats in General Council (2015 election). 13 members:
Convergència Democràtica Aranesa (CDA, Aranese Democratic Convergence) – 7
Unitat d'Aran-Progrés Municipal-PSC (UA-PSC, Unity of Aran-Municipal Progress) – 5
Partit Renovador Arties-Garòs (PRAG, Arties-Garòs Renewal Party) – 1
Electoral system: Proportional
Government: CDA (since 2011)


Political institutions
Conselh Generau d'Aran (General Council of
Conseil National de Monaco (National Council of Monaco)
Region New Aquitaine
Region Occitania
Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

Political parties
Partit de la Nació Occitana (PNO, Occitan Nation
Partit Occitan (PO, Occitan Party)
Unitat d'Aran (UA, Unity of
Converència Democràtica Aranesa (CDA, Aranese Democratic

Civic movements
País Nòstre (Our Country)
Iniciativa per Occitània (Iniciative for Occitania)

Language and culture
Institut d'Estudis Occitans (Occitan Studies Institute) 
Centre Occitan de Recèrca, Documentacion e d'Animacion Ethnograficas (Occitan Centre for Research, Documentation and Etnographic
Calandreta Confederation
Chambra d'Òc, Occitan Valleys association in the Italian state 
Information on Occitania

Ràdio Occitània
Ràdio País
Ràdio Lengadòc Montpelhièr 
Ràdio Lengadòc Narbona
La Setmana

(Updated November 2016)