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Civil society organizations to hold rally for Welsh independence in May

AUOB groups in Scotland, Wales “mounting pincer movement”

A poster calling for the march.
A poster calling for the march. Author: AUOB Cymru
Amid uncertainty over Brexit, civil society organizations are calling for a march in support of Welsh independence, 11 May in Cardiff. AUOB Cymru, or what is the same, All Under One Banner, held its first meeting 16 February to decide on the march, which is being supported by AWokEN, YesCymru, Cymdeithas yr Iaith, Welsh Football Fans for Independence, Labour for an Independent Wales, Yes is More and Undod organizations, according to AUOB’s Facebook page.

AUOB Cymru draws inspiration from its namesake in Scotland, which in October 2018 took thousands to the streets of Edinburgh demanding a second referendum on independence.

Both groups are now considering to coordinate strategies in their common goal to get independence from the UK. “We think this is a major development,” AUOB Scotland spokesman Neil Mackay told The National, “which will really upset the British establishment. We’re mounting a pincer movement with our friends in Wales who are enthusiastic and committed to their cause.”

A December 2018 poll revealed 17% would vote for independence while 67% would vote against if a referendum were to be held. A 2016 post-Brexit survey found that 28% would support secession from the UK if Wales’s continued EU membership were to be guaranteed.

Pro-independence Plaid Cymru received 20% of the votes in the 2016 election to the Welsh National Assembly.