Pro-indigenous and anti-capitalist Week comes to an end in South America

Thousands of South American indigenous people have demonstrated in Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay from 12 to 16 October as part of the 'minga global' call for Mother Earth · The global event, called by CAOI, protested against 'capitalist aggression, expressed in the pillage and commodification of life'.

The first Global Minga for Mother Earth, an international initiative led by CAOI (Coordinating Body of Andean Indigenous Organisations), has come to an end on Friday. The call has mobilised thousands, mainly from indigenous peoples, in most of South American countries between October 12-16. The organisers said that "all those who want to save life will raise our voices against capitalist aggression, expressed in the pillage and commodification of life. Because we know that other worlds are not only urgent: they are, above all, possible. And we are already building them".

The protest, which was planned and announced during the 2009 World Social Forum in Belem do Pará, was arranged for the symbolic day of October 12, the date marking the anniversary of the beginning of the European conquest. Most of events took place on Monday 12: in Colombia, for instance, 3 rallies took 40,000 people to the streets. Participants complained about the "deterioration of the planet" and protested because president Alvaro Uribe's policies have consigned them to oblivion.

In Lima, the main indigenous organisations and trade unions (CONACAMI and AIDESEP), organised a rally in which political, social and cultural leaders from all over the country took part. The event concluded with the approval of a Declaration calling for countries and international organisations to make a greater commitment with "all forms of life" and biodiversity, the implementation of Kyoto protocol and the Convention 169 of the World Labour Organisation and the end of free trade agreements in South America.

Mapuches demonstrated in Chile to reject "500 years of the Spanish invasion" and nearly 200 years of the Chilean State.

Other events were also organised in Panama, Uruguay, Argentina, Mexico and Guatemala, where a young Mayan was assassinated in the course of a demonstration. Palestine, Switzerland and France were among the countries organising events expressing solidarity with the CAOI's call. In Catalonia, several events were also organised against the celebration of the October 12 Hispanic Day.

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