UNESCO’s online atlas of endangered languages launched

NEWS IN BRIEF. Around 2,500 languages fall under ‘unsafe’ and ‘critically endangered’ categories.

On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day (February 21), UNESCO has launched the interactive version of the Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger. The study includes geographic location and relevant data about the condition of about 2,500 languages that run the risk of dying if nothing is done to reverse language shift.

Several European media from countries where there are languages in danger have reported on the new atlas: Catalan is the strongest minority language of Europe, according to UNESCO, Radio Alta Frequenza: Corsican language in danger, according to UNESCO, A Nosa Terra Diario: UNESCO drops Galician from the list of endangered languges, EiTB: UNESCO keeps Basque in the list of world’s languages in danger, Asturian language in danger according to UNESCO, Daily Post North Wales: Welsh language "is still endangered", UPI: UNESCO lists Gaelic as threatened language, Aragonese in danger of extinction, among others.

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