Brittany stands up for reunification in Paris

Breton political, cultural and businessmen representatives exhibit an unprecedented display of unity and strength as crucial time for France’s territorial reform draws near · More than 100 Breton important figures call for reintegration of the Loire-Atlantique department into the region of Brittany with a clear message: “It’s now or never.”

Supporters of the reunification of Brittany called for the current territorial reform underway to reintegrate the department of Loire-Atlantique into the Breton region. The restaurant of the renowned Breton chef Jacques Le Divellec was the place where members of Breton public life gathered to endorse the demand signed by 100 important Breton figures. The message is addressed to Édouard Balladur, the politician Nicolas Sarkozy entrusted with the drafting of a report on "the reform of the territorial collectivities".

Several politicians attended the event, such as the president of the region of Brittany, Jean-Yves Le Drian (Socialist Party), MP's of the Union for a Popular Movement, Marc Le Fur, Jacques Le Guen and Dominique de Legge (UMP), as well as Mona Bras (Breton Democratic Union) and Fabrice Loher (Democratic Movement).

Other important figures attending the gathering were businessman Christian Guillemot, from UbiSoft, geographer Jean Ollivro, President of the organization United Brittany, Jean-Yves Bourriau, founder of TV Breizh, Patrick Le Lay, writer Irène Frain, the Routard owner Philippe Gloaguen, and Noël Couédel, director of the Festival Interceltique, among others.

Breton online journal cites several comments made in Tuesday's event.

Reunification, closer
Apart from cultural and historical reasons -Nantes, the capital of the Loire-Atlantique department, was formerly part of Brittany and retains cultural preponderance- Christian Guillemot, from the software company UbiSoft argued that "Brittany will be stronger and attract more business if the 5 departments are reunited".

The gathering should have some effect on the report Balladur is currently drafting and which will be issued before March 1st. The movement for the reunification of Brittany has reached its climax amidst Sarkozy's recent public statement in favour of "experimental and voluntary fusion of regions". Breton supporters are then confident that their goals will be attained during Sarkozy's current term.

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