Fourth wave of Brittany reunification self-organized referendums upcoming

Votes to be held in October and November in nine Breton municipalities · For the first time, a town of more than 40,000 inhabitants is taking place in the votes · Dibab platform says it wants the reunification debate to be present in the election campaign

Popular committees are organizing unofficial referendums on Breton reunification in nine Breton municipalities over October and November. This will be the fourth wave of these self-organized votes since the initiative was unveiled by Dibab platform in 2014. Now, for the first time, one of those unofficial referendums will be taking place in a municipality exceeding the figure of 40,000 inhabitants: Sant-Ervlan (Saint-Herblain), in the department of Loire-Atlantique.

In these popular referendums, citizens are called to answer two questions. The first one is whether they want Brittany to be reunified. That is, if they wish the department of Loire-Atlantique -currently belonging to the region of the Pays de la Loire- joining the region of Brittany instead. The second one is whether they want Brittany to be given its own Assembly, with increased powers than those currently managed by the Regional Council.

In the three previous waves, 12% of citizens eligible to vote voted in the unofficial referendums, according to Dibab data. 85.7% of them supported reunification, while 81.1% said "yes" to the creation of the Assembly of Brittany.

Referendum promoters say they want the reunification debate to be present in the December 2015 regional election campaign. Starting from 2016, each individual department may request a change of region, thus Loire-Atlantique could join Brittany. But for this to happen, it is needed that the region of the Pays-de-la-Loire agrees to.