Party proposes to amend Statute of Sardinia to give Sardinian, other own languages official status

Sardinian Action Party says introduction of Sardinian as compulsory subject in schools should be guaranteed · Current Statute does not give official status to any own language of Sardinia · Proposal also wants recognition for Catalan, Sassarese, Gallurese and Ligurian · Amendment should be passed by the Italian Parliament

Sardinian could become the official language of Sardinia, alongside Italian, if a proposal to amend the island's Statute of Autonomy was passed. The proposal was introduced last week by the Sardinian Action Party (PSd'Az). It foresees, moreover, that Catalan, Gallurese, Sassarese and Tabarchin Ligurian (all four languages are spoken in some places in Sardinia) have an "analogous recognition" to Sardinian.

The proposal adds that "history, culture and Sardinian language" shall be "compulsory subjects" in all schools, and in all grades. This is meant to avoid a perceived discrimination that, according to PSd'Az, exists against Sardinian.

The Statute of Autonomy was passed in 1948 and it makes no direct reference to any language. Thus, in practice the only official language in Sardinia is Italian, as foreseen by the Italian Constitution. A 1997 Sardinian law gives recognition to Sardinian, but it does not accord any official status to it. Citizens are allowed to use the language orally in their dealings with the public administration, but the language is not even introduced as a compulsory subject in schools.

The proposal has been introduced in the Sardinian Assembly. But the Statute of Autonomy is a constitutional law and, thus, any amendment must be passed by the Italian Parliament, and it needs an overall majority in both chambers. Currently no political party has a majority in the Senate. This means that an agreement between at least two coalitions would be needed in order to have the amendment approved. Furthermore, since no Sardinian party has its own representatives in the Italian Parliament, it would be needed that the proposal by PSd'Az was forwarded by another party.