UK government says there is no case for substantial further devolution to Wales

Conservative-Lib Dem coalition report considers Westminster should keep powers such as policing, broadcasting and energy · The Welsh government asks all powers "be devolved to Wales" except defence, constitutional and foreign affairs, social security and macroeconomics · Plaid Cymru angry with UK government position

UK Conservative-Lib Dem coalition said yesterday there is no case for substantial greater devolution of powers to Wales. According to the BBC, the British government believes that areas such as policing, broadcasting or energy should be kept by Westminster, and only thinks in devolving lesser powers, such as teachers' pay and rail franchising.

This is the official UK government position on the demand of further self-government by Wales, which is being reviewed by the Commission on Devolution in Wales. The Commission was launched in 2011 by Welsh Secretary of State Cheryl Gillan.

Last November, the Commission released its first report. It recommended "devolving tax and borrowing powers to Wales" since it could be a way to "empower the Welsh electorate and government, increase responsibility and strengthen Wales and thus the United Kingdom".

The Commission is now preparing its second and final report, due in the spring of 2014, which will include recommendations of eventual modifications to the powers of the National Assembly for Wales.

Welsh government: almost all areas should be devolved to Wales

The model that London is proposing is quite far way from what the Labour-led Welsh government unveiled last month. Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones then said that the UK should have a limited list of "reserved powers", which only included "constitutional affairs, defence, foreign affairs, social security and macro-economic policy", with all "remaining matters devolved to Wales".

Plaid Cymru: "UK Government is completely out of touch with public opinion"

Welsh Sovereignist Plaid Cymru has criticised the UK Government's submission the the Commission. According to the party, the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition is "completely out out of touch with public opinion" in Wales. The Welsh, Plaid Cymru says, "have shown a growing appetite for greater autonomy". The party supports the transfer of powers in major areas such as policing, energy, justice, transport and broadcasting.