Almost 78% of new pupils in Euskadi to have Basque as only language of instruction

NEWS IN BRIEF. Less than 20% to be schooled with both Basque and Spanish as medium of instruction

According to preliminar data released by Euskadi's Ministry of Education, 77.7% of children now aged 2 will be schooled in the next school year through model D, where education is entirely in Basque, with Spanish only as a compulsory subject. 19.2% will be schooled through model B (both Spanish and Basque as subjects and medium of instruction) while only 3% will have Spanish as the main language in school (model A).

Parents can choose either of the three models when they pre-register their children. Model D is the most popular choice since many years. This has contributed to a steady growth of knowledge of Basque among young layers of Basque society over the past few decades.

Basque and Spanish are the two official languages of Euskadi (three western provinces of the Basque Country) since 1979.