87% of Kurds in Amed support holding a referendum to decide the future of Kurdistan, poll says

49% of those polled are in favour of a democratic autonomy, 19% want full independence · A big majority supports declaring Kurdish as an official language of the area · BDP councillor dies and several people are injured amid Newroz celebrations

A poll by the Centre of Social and Political Researches (Turkish acronym SAMER) in the Kurdish province of Amed (Kurdish for Diyarbakir) has shown that 87% of those polled support holding a referendum to decide the future of Kurdistan. Among them, 49% are in favour of a "democratic autonomy", while 19% would support a full independent state. 5.4% prefer a federal model for Turkey and a further 7% support a decentralized government giving broad authority to municipalities.

According to the poll, 83% support the officialization of the Kurdish language. 43% reject the operations of PKK, while 24% agree with those practices.

Newroz celebrations

Those figures have been released while the whole Kurdistan marks the Newroz, the Kurdish New Year celebration that is usually heavily politically charged. This is why the celebration is usually forbidden and it finishes with clashes. This year, tens of participants in the celebration have been detained in Turkey. What is more, BDP councillor Hacı Zengin was killed after being hit on head by a tear gas can that was thrown by police.

In Syria, thousands of people have demonstrated against president Bashar Al-Assad, despite the fact that it was particularly Assad himself who allowed Newroz celebration in order to reduce tensions there. In Iran, demonstrations are not allowed, while in Iraq -where Kurds enjoy an autonomous government- the Newroz celebrations are held. In the case of Iraq, the attack made before 1988 Newroz by the Saddam Hussein's regime is also marked.