Pro-sovereignty committee Causa Galiza launches campaign for self-determination

Pro-independence forces dismiss the reform of the Statute of Autonomy proposed by PP, PSdG and BNG parties, and agree to accumulate forces to strengthen the self-determination way · The group is to organize events against the Spanish Constitution next December

Spokespersons for the popular initiative known as Causa Galiza announced in early September they are to launch a long-lasting campaign for self-determination across de country. Causa Galiza, an umbrella organization of Galician pro-independence forces, considers self-determination as "the only solution which will bring about Galicia's socio-economic progress" and the only real challenge to the Spanish constitutional framework.

The campaign is a response to the proposal by the three parties with seats in the Galician Parliament (PP, PSdG and BNG) to deal in depth with the reform of the Statute of Autonomy in the forthcoming months. The debate on the reforms failed during the coalition government between PSdG (Labour) and BNG (pro-independence leftists) as a consensus was not reached upon a new text.

According to Olalha Barro and Leonardo F.Campos, spokespersons for Causa Galiza, the Constitutional Court's decision on the Catalan Statute of Autonomy "shows the limits the Spanish state has left within the current legal framework for an eventual increase of self-government". Causa Galiza believes the only way to overcome the legal framework is the "accumulation of forces in Galician society on the basis of self-determination". The organization has initiated talks with Galician trade unions and other pro-sovereignty forces to return to the anti-Statute struggle spirit of the 70's. It also intends to confront the current "BNG's pro-autonomy discourse, which no-longer matches up to the Galician nationalism traditional standards". Spokespersons concluded the press conference by saying that "emigration, unemployment, precarious social services and the destruction of the Galician territory are direct consequences of a worn out model, the statutory way."

At work since 2007

The umbrella organization Causa Galiza was born in June 2007 with the aim of bringing together different Galician leftists pro-independence forces while BNG was in power. Its goal is to raise awareness about the right to self-determination within the Galician society and to reject the proposal to reform the present Statute. Since then it has been organizing the demonstration in the occasion of the Dia da Patria (July 25th, Galician National Day), the rallies against the Spanish Constitution every 6th of December and the yearly homage to the Martyrs of Carral considered as the first pro-sovereignty uprising by Galician nationalism. In the forthcoming months they are to promote public events against the Spanish Constitution, particularly on December 6th and 21st, and several events to commemorate that in 1980 the present Statute was approved in referendum by a minority of the Galician people.

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