Corsican pro-sovereignty lists get best results ever

Femu a Corsica and Corsica Libera’s joint results amount to 36% in the French regional elections · Pro-autonomy list Femu a Corsica might become Paul Giacobbi’s preferential ally, whose leftist list won elections in the island · Femu a Corsica wins in Porti Vechju and comes second in Bastia and Aiacciu.

Excellent performance by Corsican nationalist forces in the first round of French regional elections has been verified in the second round, in which Corsican parties have obtained the best results ever. Pro-autonomy and pro-independence parties run for elections in separate lists and achieved better results than in 2004 elections, when they run together in the list Unione Naziunale (8 seats out of 51). Corsican nationalism has now grown stronger in the Assembly getting 15 seats -11 for Gilles Simeoni's pro-autonomy list Femu a Corsica (25.9%) and 4 for Jean-Guy Talamoni's leftist pro-independence list Corsica Libera (9'9%).
The alliance of French leftist parties headed by Paul Giacobbi won elections with 24 seats (36.6%) within spitting distance of getting majority. However French conservative UMP (Union for a Popular Movement), the party of the outgoing president Camille de Rocca Serra, got only 12 seats (27.6%) instead of the 16 it obtained in last regional elections.

Parliamentary arithmetic will allow both Femu a Corsica and Corsica Libera to play a key role in the new parliamentary term, backing some of the leftist government's initiatives.

Femu a Corsica excels in urban areas

The support obtained by Femu a Corsica in the island's main cities is outstanding. In Aiacciu, -the capital of Corse- and Bastia Gilles Simeoni's list came second with a share of 28.4% and 30%. In Porti Vechju Femu a Corsica won with 42.7% of the vote.

Further information:

Distribution of seats in the Corsican Assembly(51 members):
Llista Paul Giacobbi (State leftitst parties): 24 (36'6%)
Llista Camille de Rocca Serra (UMP): 12 (27'6%)
Llista Gilles Simeoni (Femu a Corsica): 11 (25'9%)
Llista Jean-Guy Talamoni (Corsica Libera): 4 (9'9%)