Bretons run in the first Ar Redadeg to support the Breton language

Runners will pass through five departments of the historical region of Brittany · The race will finish on 3 May to coincide with the anniversary of the first Diwan, or Breton school · It is the first edition of Ar Redadeg, which was inspired by similar events in the Basque Country and the Catalan Countries.

The first edition of Ar Redadeg (“the race” in Breton) began in Naoned (Nantes) on Wednesday 30 April at one minute to midnight. Runners will cover a total of 600 kilometres in three days and nights to defend Breton, a Celtic language that, like other minority languages spoken in the French state, is a long way from gaining official status.

Similar events have been held in the Basque Country, where the Korrika has taken place biannually in Basque-speaking territory for the last 25 years, and also in the Catalan Countries, with the Correllengua. The first edition of Ar Redadeg will raise money for Diwan, the federation of schools providing education in the Breton language. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the first Diwan, founded in Lambaol-Gwitalmeze (Penn-ar-Bed, Finistère).

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