Why Nationalia?

Article by Aureli Argemí, president of CIEMEN.

The online journal Nationalia has been launched by CIEMEN, the fruit of over thirty years of experience in the field of stateless nations. One of the original aims of the organization was to open up possibilities of information-sharing to peoples and nations that were marginalized or saw their identity and existence threatened. Then as now, the proponents of CIEMEN were aware that ignorance generates fear, rejection and violence and that providing reliable information about these peoples and nations would be a sure-fire way of overcoming public ignorance about the social reality of stateless nations.

The need to provide reliable information is as relevant today as it was then. If we are to recognize and respect individual and collective rights and work towards lasting peace and democracy, it is essential that peoples and nations are acknowledged as they really are and as they would like to be.

To achieve this aim, CIEMEN already provides information via its journal Europa de les Nacions (Europe of Nations). But thanks to Nationalia, CIEMEN has now firmly arrived in the age of new technologies, which are today essential for communication and exchange, as well as boosting knowledge and awareness about peoples and nations.

It is worth noting that Nationalia focuses on the new Europe that is emerging today, in which so many peoples and nations find themselves marginalized despite playing a major role in building the future. But the scope of Nationalia will not be restricted to the borders of Europe: it also takes into account the concerns of peoples and nations across the world.

In short, Nationalia is determined to fill some of the gaps that, in our opinion, still exist today in the provision of information. With this in mind, the journal is open to collaborative projects with other similarly specialized media.

Aureli Argemí
President of CIEMEN

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