Walking across Occitania: 1,300 kilometres and 70 days of walking to get Occitan recognized as “world heritage”

UNESCO has proclaimed 2008 the International Year of Languages, and Chambra d'Òc has seized on this opportunity to launch the campaign 'Lenga d'Òc Patrimòni Mondial de l'Umanitat' (Occitan language, World Heritage), which it defines as “a creative project for communication and territorial acknowledgement.”

The main event of the campaign will be a journey on foot from the Occitan Valleys in Piemonte to the Val d'Aran in the Catalan Pyrenees. Chambra d'Òc, which is one of the most active cultural organizations defending Occitan language and culture, is aiming to “tell the world that the language spread by the troubadours during the Middle Ages, the language to which Dante paid homage in the Divine Comedy,lacks the support and assistance necessary for its survival".


The journey will begin on 30 August 2008 in Vinai (Val d'Estura). A Chambra d'Òc delegation, accompanied by representatives of varied institutions and associations, will cover 1,300 kilometres over 70 days, and is estimated to reach Vielha (Val d'Aran) on 7 November 2008. This pro-Occitan organization defines the campaign as “an opportunity for dialogue and exchange, an opportunity to build on the hope that linguistic diversity will be recognized as one of today's Europe's richest resources”.