Civil organizations call for referendums ahead of Spanish elections

In Catalonia, the Plataforma pel Dret de Decidir (PDD, Platform for the Right to Decide) will collect signatures on 9 March, asking the Catalan government to call referendums. In the Basque Country, civil organizations Lokarri and Erabaki are also considering action.

During a press conference today, PDD and Sobirania i Progrés (Sovereignty and Progress) presented its latest campaign, which will consist in collecting signatures and attracting new members during the Spanish general elections, to be held on 9 March. The aim, according to PDD spokesmen, is “to give the Catalan people the opportunity to express what they cannot say at the polling booth”.


Since its conception in 2006, this network of organizations and individual members has taken a variety of steps to defend the right of the Catalan people to decide for themselves. On 18 February 2006 and on 1 December 2007 thousands of people answered its calls to participate in mass demonstrations.


Meanwhile, in the Basque Country civil organizations Erabaki in Euskadi and Lokarri in Navarra are planning to carry out similar actions to PDD, although specific measures have not yet been decided. Linking all three organizations are their calls for 'the right to decide' as a precursor to the right to self-determination.