ETA to announce its dissolution, asks for “forgiveness”, demands “democratic solution” to Basque conflict

14 to 20 April

ETA symbol in a wall in Altsasu (2008).
ETA symbol in a wall in Altsasu (2008). Author: Theklan
WEEKLY ROUNDUP. The revelation that ETA will announce its dissolution in May —a landmark event— leads this week’s roundup, which also refers to protests taking place in Khuzestan against discrimination and repression by the Iranian authorities. Besides, we are also referring to the upholding of the legality of the Law 99 on the exercise of the right to self-determination of the Quebecois people.


ETA to announce its dissolution.According to Basque broadcaster EITB, the announcement will take place in the Northern Basque Country the first weekend of May. The armed organization has sent a statement to Gara and Berria recognizing “damage caused,” asking for “forgiveness” to the victims and demanding a “democratic solution” to the Basque conflict, as for years has been asked for by Basque left-wing pro-independence parties. The Spanish government says the statement is the fruit of “the strength of the rule of law”.

Founded in 1958, ETA organized an armed struggle in the Basque Country aimed at achieving an independent and socialist Basque state. It fought against the dictatorial regime of Francisco Franco —of which it killed president of the government Luis Carrero Blanco in 1973— and the Spanish governments after the Transition. ETA’s armed attacks were aimed both against the military and civilians. In 2011, ETA announced the definitive cessation of its armed activity. In 2017, it explained that it was unilaterally disarming, under the supervision of the Artesanos de la Paz group.



Tatarstan: A group of parents, teachers and politicians are asking the Parliament that it reinstates mandatory classes of Tatar language.

Brittany: Pro-language movement obtains commitment by French authorities that state-level roads will display bilingual signs in Breton and French.

Catalonia: The platform Diàleg Catalunya-UE, which brings together some 40 MEPs belonging to six European parliamentary groups, is unveiled in Barcelona.


Quebec: Quebec Superior Court has upheld the legality of Law 99 on the exercise of the right of self-determination of the Quebecois people, which specifies that a 50% plus one vote majority is enough to win a referendum on independence. An Anglophone activist had challenged the legality of the law.

Mexico: Grave acts of violence unleashed against the Huichol or Wixárika people. This Indigenous people is seeking to retake some ancestral lands in the Nayarit state, after a court ruling has allowed them to do so.


Khuzestan: Protests against repression and discrimination by the Iranian authorities against the Arab Ahwazi people step up.