Crimes against civilian population in Mindanao / Demonstration for “fair financing system” in Valencian Country

10 to 16 November

Marawi building set ablaze after Philippine airforce strike.
Marawi building set ablaze after Philippine airforce strike. Author: Mark Jhomel @ Wikipedia
WEEKLY ROUNDUP. An Amnesty International report details crimes committed for over five months against the civilian population of Marawi, in Mindanao, in the hands of both the Philippine army and groups affiliated to the Islamic State. In Europe, this week we are highlighting the demonstration for a new funding arrangement in the Valencian Country and efforts in the Macedonian Parliament to gran Albanian co-official status.


Battle of Marawi leaves more than 1,000 killed, serious abuses widespread. The Philippine army and several IS-affiliated groups have been fighting for 5 months in the so-called Battle of Marawi over control of that city of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao, in southern Philippines. A newly released Amnesty International report pays attention to crimes committed by both sides against the civilian population of Marawi. The study —the result of field research— documents crimes of IS-groups against the city’s Christian population, including at least 25 extrajudicial executions, looting and massive hostage-taking. It also highlights human rights violations committed by the Philippine army, whom it blames for looting residents’ properties and ill-treating citizens trying to flee.


Fair financing system” demonstration in Valencian Country. Socialist Party, Compromís and Podemos parties plus UGT CCOO unions are organizing, 18 November, a demonstration that calls on the Spanish government to “immediately” agree on a reform of the financing system of the Valencian autonomous government in order to set a model providing “enough resources” that enables the Valencian people “to have worthy public services” and “to exercise our own powers.” The call has been joined by other parties, such as United Left and Citizens —the latter, hesitantly. Other parties, unions and grassroots associations are also joining the demonstration, but under their own slogans, which favour full fiscal sovereignty or even independence. This is the case for Acció Cultural, Decidim, ERPV, Estat Valencià or Poble Lliure, among others.

First step towards Albanian official status in Macedonia. The Macedonian Parliament has initially passed (66 votes for-41 votes against) a bill allowing citizens to communicate with government bodies throughout the country in Albanian language. Co-official status for Macedonian and Albanian is one of the deals reached between prime minister Zoran Zaev and several Albanian parties. Albanian is currently official in those municipalities where ethnic Albanians make up at least 20% of the population.