Palestinian reunification deal / Indigenous resistance marches across Americas

6 to 12 October

Resistance March, in Buenos Aires.
Resistance March, in Buenos Aires. Author:
WEEKLY ROUNDUP. News are centered in latest events on Palestine. On the one hand, an agreement for national re-unification; on the other, US and Israel withdrawal from Unesco. Across the Americas, marches and events commemorating Indigenous resistance have been held in a number of countries, marking the 12 October day. Meanwhile, criticism against Ukrainian authorities over a controversial Education law continues unfolding.


Hamas-Fatah deal on Palestinian reunification. Hamas and Fatah have signed, 12 October in Cairo under Egyptian mediation, a reconciliation deal by which Palestinian administration in the West Bank and Gaza will be reunified —it has remained divided since 2007. The establishment of a two-party national unity government is foreseen, along with the restoration of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, which since 2007 has been administered by Hamas alone.

A number of important issues remain to be solved, such as electricity supply to Gaza —the Palestinian Authority has been for months requesting Israel to cut energy there—, the status of Hamas’ armed militia, or generally speaking, a deep credibility crisis of Palestinian authorities among the population.

The Israeli government has demanded that, under the deal, Hamas recognize the State of Israel and disarms itself. The request has been voiced on the same very day that Israel and the United States have announced they are withdrawing from UNESCO. Both governments argue the UN body has adopted an “anti-Israel bias”.


Indigenous resistance marches across Americas. Marking the 12 October day, tens of marches of Indigenous marches for self-affirmation and condemnation of their discrimination and oppression have been held, 525 years after European colonization began. Countries witnessing marches and other similar events include Argentina, Chile —prominently Mapuche—, Mexico and Guatemala. In the United States too, where growing calls to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day are being voiced.

Council of Europe’s criticism over Ukraine’s new Education Law.The Council’s Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) has passed a resolution in which it demands the Ukrainian authorities to amend the law. The PACE’s text slams cuts in linguistic rights of national minorities in the field of education. Ukraine’s new piece of legislation has sparked criticism from Hungary, Russia and Romania, among other neighbouring countries. Budapest has announced it will be requesting the EU to review its Association Agreement with Ukraine.

Plans to establish Iraqi Sunni autonomous region being voiced.Several tribal sheiks are considering a proposal to use an article of the Iraqi Constitution allowing the establishment of self-governing regions. The Iraqi government, however, says it has no information that provincial governments are working in such a plan. Anyway, this is not the first time that such a proposal is voiced. Earlier this year, a newly founded party demanded Sunni autonomy in Nineveh, and the province’s former governor stood up for self-government too. Analysts say the proposal is unlikely to gain traction, as the Sunni-majority areas are the ones in Iraq having fewer oil reserves.