South Tyrol to host European minorities’ football championship

30 teams will contest tournament 3rd edition · For the first time ever a women’s competition is being held

South Tyrol, 2012 Europeada winners.
South Tyrol, 2012 Europeada winners. Author: FUEN
30 teams representing national minorities and stateless nations will contest next June the 3rd edition of the Europeada, an amateur football tournament that will be simultaneously held with the professional Euro 2016 championship. The Europeada will last for 9 days, and cultural events will be combined with football matches.

The Europeada is organized by FUEN. Just as happens with this pro-minorities organization, most tournament participants are drawn from central Europe. Thus, teams representing South Tyrol, the Romansh speakers of the Swiss canton of Grisons, Lusatia, Upper Silesia and several Balkan minorities will be among the participants.

As for the rest of Europe, Occitania, the isle of Man, the Crimean Tatars and the team of minorities in Estonia will also be taking part in the championship.

For the first time ever, a women's competition (6 teams) will be held, in addition to the traditional men's championship (24 teams). "We are very glad that we have succeeded in having not only a men’s tournament, but also a women’s tournament," said Susann Schenk, secretary-general of FUEN.

South Tyrolean wins

In the two previous editions (2008 and 2012) the South Tyrol team proclaimed itself champion. In the first edition they defeated the Croats in Serbia team, while in the second one they beat the Hungarian Roma team.