Rojava's first representation office outside Kurdistan opens in Moscow

The representative said that Kurdish is a big step towards international recognition of Rojava · The opening comes amid a climate of tension between Turkey and Russia

The office opening.
The office opening. Author: Firat News
The Democratic Autonomous Administration of Rojava (West Kurdistan's government, Syria) opened yesterday in Moscow its first representation office outside Kurdistan -a similar office exists in South Kurdistan, Iraq. The event was described as a "historic" move by West Kurdish authorities. The opening of the office comes amid Russia-Turkey tensions because of the Syrian conflict.

Speaking to Firat News, Rojava foreign representative Sinam Mohamad, said the opening of the office was an essential step towards international recognition of the West Kurdish self-government. Mohamad also said the office could contribute to the resolution of the conflict in Syria.

Russian state news agency Sputnik quotes the words by office head Rodi Osman, according to whom the Rojavan authorities will develop a "comprehensive partnership with Moscow." This includes preventing "illegal oil supplies to Turkey."

Russia-Turkey tensions run high since the downing of a Russian jet on November 24th 2015. According to Ankara, the plane had violated Turkish airspace.

Russia and Turkey support opposing sides in the Syrian conflict. Moscow backs Bashar Al-Assad's government and, in a more limited scope, the Rojavan authorities. Ankara supports several rebel groups seeking to overthrow Al-Assad.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated last week that the West Kurdish office wil not officially be granted embassy or consulate status since Russian law "does not provide for the opening of representative offices of any region of a foreign country in its territory."

The Rojavan authorities plan to open similar offices in London, Berlin, Washington, and several Arab-majority countries.