Breton pro-autonomy alliance seeks 10% of the votes in upcoming election

Christian Troadec-led list aims at becoming third way between French left and right · Alliance brings together UDB and MBP parties · Opinion polls say alliance could now be getting 8% to 9% of the votes

Oui la Bretagne election posters.
Oui la Bretagne election posters.
An electoral alliance exclusively made up of Breton parties could be clearing the 10% threshold in the upcoming election to the Regional Council of Brittany, which would amount to a landmark breakthrough for Breton autonomism. Opinion polls say the alliance -which brings together the Breton Democratic Union and the Movement Brittany Progress- could now be gathering some 8% or 9% of the votes.

The alliance, under the name of Oui la Bretagne, is led by Carhaix mayor and Bonnets Rouges movement leader Christian Troadec. The Bonnets Rouges brought together, in a series of massive demonstrations, farmers, small-holders and workers supporting greater decentralization and opposed to an eco-tax that the French government sought to collect in Brittany.

The alliance, which defines itself as centre-left, favours autonomy, full recognition for the Breton language and culture, and reunification of Brittany. Alliance leaders argue Brittany needs decision-making powers that take into account the local situation.

10% target

Clearing the 10% threshold at the election's first round (December 6th) would allow the UDB-MBP list to advance into the second round and be allocated seats in the Regional Council.

If the alliance gets instead 5% to 10% of the votes at the first round, it will be allowed to merge into another list for the second round, but not to run separately.

According to an IFOP poll released this week, Troadec's list could now be gathering 8% of the votes, the fourth strongest party in Brittany, only behind the Socialists (32%), the Republicans (former UMP, 27%) and the Front National (16%), and ahead of the Greens and the Left Front.

Another poll, released by BVA, says the UDB-MBP alliance could be receiving 9% of the votes, just one step away from making it into the second round.

(Updated October 26th.)