"No" to Catalan independence seven points ahead of "yes", says Catalan government survey

NEWS IN BRIEF. Gap increases, "no" lead was at four percentage points in March 2015

50% of Catalans now reject independence from Spain while 42.9% support it, according to the latest opinion poll by the Catalan Government's Centre for Opinion Studies, which was released today. In March 2015, the gap between both blocs was at 4%, also with a "no" lead.

In a multiple choice question on the preferred political status for Catalonia, 37.6% of respondents say they want an independent state, 24% want a state within a federal Spain, 29.3% prefer the current autonomous community model, and 4% want Catalonia to be a region of Spain.

As for the sense of belonging, 25.3% declare themselves "Catalan only," 22.3% "more Catalan than Spanish," 38.7% "as Catalan and Spanish," 4.5% "more Spanish than Catalan," and 5.6% "only Spanish."

The survey was done on a 2,000-people sample.