"Yes" to Breton reunification gets broad support in two new unofficial referendums

NEWS IN BRIEF. Turnout stands at 15% to 20%

Voters in Saoudan (Soudan in French, 2,000 inhabitants) and Langoed (Langouët, 600) lent broad support to the reunification of Brittany in unofficial, popular referendums organized in both Breton municipalities on Sunday.

In Saoudan, support to reunification reached 79.6% of the votes, with a 15.6% turnout. Meanwhile, in Langoed 75.95% of the voters voted "yes" to reunification. Turnout there was 19.65%.

The votes are being organized by popular local committees under the umbrella of the Dibab group.

Dibab said the results are a "success." The group announced new unofficial votes in the coming months. The first one took place last November in Sant-Widel-Skovrid.

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