89% of Austrians would favour reunification with South Tyrol: survey

NEWS IN BRIEF. Opinion poll contradicts another one in 2011 according to which North Tyroleans vastly rejected union

89% of Austrians would accept reunification with South Tyrol if a self-determination referendum was held in that autonomous province of Italy, according to a survey released this week. According to the poll, 83% of Austrians would also favour Austrian-Italian dual citizenship.

The opinion poll was conducted by the Spectra institute, and was commissioned by pro-independence League of South Tyrolean Homeland (Südtiroler Heimatbund, SHB).

Reunification of South Tyrol with Austria is the goal of a part of the South Tyrolean independence movement. The other part calls for a South Tyrolean independent state. South Tyrol (capital Bozen / Bolzano) was part of Austria until the end of the First World War, when it was transferred to Italy. North Tyrol (capital Innsbruck) remained within Austria.

The survey contradicts another one released in 2011, according to which 64% of the North Tyroleans were against reunification with South Tyrol. Also in 2011, another opinion poll showed that 50% of North Tyroleans believed separation of South Tyrol was a "wound."