Catalan non-binding referendum final count: 1.9 million for independence

NEWS IN BRIEF. Total turnout reaches 2.34 million

The November 9th non-binding referendum on Catalonia's independence ended with a total turnout of 2,344,828 voters, according to Catalan Deputy President Joana Ortega. Out of them, 1,897,274 (80.91%) voted "yes" to both questions, i.e. "yes" to the creation of a Catalan state, and "yes" to independence. 234,848 (10.02%) chose the "yes-no" option, which was meant for those people supporting a Catalan state within a federal or confederal Spain. 105.245 people (4.49%) voted "no" to Catalan statehood.

The final count includes all the votes cast abroad plus those cast in Catalonia from 10th to 25th October in special polling stations for those who had not been able to vote on November 9th.

Support to independence thus fell just 2,600 votes short to "yes" votes in the 2006 referendum on the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia. The 2006 referendum was binding. The Statute of Autonomy was cut back by Spain's Constitutional Court in a landmark decision that prompted an upsurge in pro-independence stances among Catalan citizens.