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Cornwall’s new self-government movement to debut with demonstration in October

AUOB Kernow draws inspiration from Scottish, Welsh namesake groups

A demonstration with Cornish flags.
A demonstration with Cornish flags. Author: AUOB Kernow
All Under One Banner (AUOB) Kernow has called a demonstration for Cornish self-government on 9 October. This will be the public debut of this new organisation supporting the self-determination of Cornwall, a country with Celtic roots in the far south-west of Britain.

The demonstration was first scheduled for 11 September, but AUOB Kernow postponed it due to “the increase in Covid numbers.”

AUOB Kernow was launched last May. The grassroots group aims to promote mobilisations for Cornwall’s right to self-determination. It is inspired by two other groups that have been campaigning for years for Scottish and Welsh independence, AUOB and AUOB Cymru.

The groups claims that self-government is a tool to help solve some of Cornwall’s problems, such as the cost of living in Cornwall, the increase in second homes, or the concentration of wealth in London.

Both Cornwall’s own administrations —the Cornwall Council and the Council of the Isles of Scilly— have some executive, but no legislative, powers. Mainstream Cornish nationalism calls for devolution for Cornwall, similar to that of Scotland or Wales.