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Régions de France to ask presidential candidates for “progressive autonomy” for Corsica

“Important political step,” says Corsican president Simeoni

Carole Delga, Regions de France president.
Carole Delga, Regions de France president. Author: Régions de France
Régions de France, the association that brings together the 18 first-level subdivisions of the French Republic, will advocate “progressive autonomy” for Corsica to candidates to the 2022 French presidential election.

The announcement has been made by Carole Delga (Socialist Party), the new president of the region’s body. Delga, who is president of the Occitania region, explained that the demand will be included in a “white paper” to be sent to the candidates, which will also include a request for a new decentralisation.

Regions of France will extend the request for "progressive autonomy” —which Delga has not specified what it should consist of— to the other “island territories” of the French state, within the framework of “a single and indivisible republic.”

The announcement has been negotiated between several regional presidents —both centre-left and centre-right— and Corsican President Gilles Simeoni, whose support was essential for the Occitan socialist to become president of Régions de France.

“An important political step for Corsica,” Simeoni has said. Simeoni won the Corsican assembly election on 20 and 27 June. His demand for legislative autonomy, however, was ruled out by French President Emmanuel Macron in 2018.