In brief

Occitan village holds festival of minoritised languages online for second year with 20 cultural offerings

Karen, Breton, Navajo, Sami, Cape Verdean Creole, Ladin among languages represented in Ostana Prize

The 13th Ostana Prize is being held for the second year in a row online with some 20 cultural offerings that can be followed from 3 to 5 June through Of course, Occitan will have a place, as it is the language of the Ostana mountain village, where the event is held, in the Valadas Occitanas of Piedmont. But other languages from around the world will be featured, such as Karen, Breton, Navajo, Cape Verdean Creole, Dolomite Ladin, or Sami.

The journey through those languages will be done in round tables and conversations with people belonging to the literary and cultural scene, with videos and recordings illustrating the richness of linguistic diversity, and with film screenings too.

The award is organized by the cultural association Chambra d’Òc, and has support from other Occitan organizations and administrations.

Last year we featured a short interview with Ines Cavalcanti, the festival’s artistic director, where she explained that the prize “aims to put the spotlight on the issue of languages in trouble, which are different from the majority languages of the states where they are found, and also on their right to survive.”