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Kosovo’s new PM insists Serbia must recognize country’s independence if it wants to normalize relations

Albin Kurti elected with support from coalition led by Albanian nationalist left-wing Vetëvendosje

Kurti speaks before the Kosovo Assembly.
Kurti speaks before the Kosovo Assembly. Author: Vetëvendosje @ Twitter
Albin Kurti has been elected prime minister of Kosovo, at the head of a coalition led by his own center-left, Albanian nationalist Vetëvendosje party. Kurti has said his priorities will be the fight against corruption and job creation.

The new prime minister has further said that relations with Serbia could not be normalized if Belgrade did not first recognize Kosovo’s independence. Kurti has also demanded war reparations and an apology from Serbia.

The new cabinet consists of ministers from Vetëvendosje, Guxo, Serbian List, NDS (Bosniak minority), KDTP (Turkish minority), and IRDK (Egyptian minority). Guxo is a platform founded by Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani, which ran in the election within the Vetëvendosje list.

This is the second time Kurti serves as prime minister. The first time was in 2020, in a coalition government with now opposition party Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK). The alliance broke up 50 days after it was formed. After that, the LDK filed a no-confidence motion which was approved by the Kosovo Assembly, putting an end to Kurti’s tenure.