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Thousands demonstrate in support for teaching of Breton

Civil society groups call for new agreement that helps promote language in schools

The demonstration in Kemper.
The demonstration in Kemper. Author: Ai\'ta! Breizh
3,000 to 5,000 people demonstrated on Saturday 13 in Kemper (Quimper) demanding the signing of a new agreement between the French and Breton governments that helps promote the teaching of Breton in schools. Negotiations for the agreement are currently stalled.

Convening civil society groups had unveiled a 10-point manifesto in which they demand, among other measures, that the future deal facilitate the opening of new bilingual or immersive classes in Breton at the primary and secondary levels, a better training for teachers, or the offering, to all students in Brittany, of introductory classes to the Breton language and culture.

The agreement is usually signed for five-year periods. The last one ran out in 2020 and no new one has been signed yet. Breton President Loïg Chesnais-Girard claims that a “blockade” exists on the issue, and blames the French Ministry of Education for the situation.