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European election in French Republic: Alfonsi (Corsica) and Massard (Brittany) to lead pro-autonomy R&PS candidates

Former Corsican MEP placed 9th in Europe Ecologie-Les Verts’ list

Alfonsi and Massard.
Alfonsi and Massard. Author: EFAy / UDB
The Régions et Peuples Solidaires (R&PS) alliance has designated François Alfonsi (Party of the Corsican Nation) and Lydie Massard (Breton Democratic Union) its leading candidates in the French Republic to the upcoming European election. This rally of pro-autonomy parties will run in an alliance with Europe Ecologie-Les Verts (EELV), which has accorded the 9th and 14th spots of its list to Alfonsi and Massard, respectively.

R&PS and Europe Ecologie will be thus recreating the 2009 alliance formula, which led Alfonsi to hold a European Parliament seat during the 2009-2014 term.

Polls say it is difficult, but not impossible, that EELV can achieve nine seats —the minimum needed for Alfonsi to be elected—, especially if the list’s upward trend detected by surveys is confirmed. Massard’s election appears far less likely.

The European Green Party and the European Free Alliance —to which most R&PS parties belong to— have been in the same parliamentary group in the European Parliament since 1999.