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More than 80,000 register to human chain for right to decide in Basque Country

Gure Esku Dago platform to unveil document including 2019 reasons to respect the will of citizens

The 2014 human chain.
The 2014 human chain. Author:
84,000 people have registered to take part at a human chain that will be formed in the Basque Country 10 June to demand the Basques’ right to decide their own political future, according to the latest data provided by the organizing platform, Gure Esku Dago. The group hopes that the figure of 100,000 participants will be surpassed. The chain will link the three capital cities of Euskadi (Vitoria, Bilbao and San Sebastián) along 202 kilometres. It will be therefore longer than the 2014 chain, which was organized by the same platform and linked Durango and Pamplona along 123 kilometres.

On the same day, Gure Esku Dago is set to unveil it “Citizen Pact” declaration, which will introduce 2019 reasons for the right to decide. The platform will send the document to the Basque and Navarrese parliaments. The document coincides in time with the debate on enlargement of Basque self-government that is currently taking place in the Parliament of Euskadi.

The 2019 figure is symbolic given the fact that Gure Esku Dago believes that year 2019 should mark the start of a new phase, coinciding with the culmination of non-binding, popular referendums of Basque self-determination and the holding of local and foral elections.