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Sunday, 10.4.2015

A LibDem MP presents draft bill on Cornish self-government

Voting in the British Parliament has been postponed until October 16

Date: From 07/29/2009 to 08/04/2009
Type: Political parties and trade-unions

Dan Rogerson, a Cornish LibDem MP, presented on July 14 a draft bill inWestminster so that Cornwall can follow in Wales or Scotland footsteps on self-government. The voting on the draft bill was finally postponed until forthcoming October 16, only few months before Parliamentary elections, which are due in June 2010 at the latest.

This year Cornwall has already made a step in such direction by setting up the Council of Cornwall, the non-legislative institution in which the 6 districts of the county are represented. If Rogerson's proposal was approved, the Council could adopt certain powers off the British Parliament and the regional quangos -the acronym used in the UK to design quasi-autonomous national government organisations.

The Cornish MP has said that if Scotland and Wales have the right to self-government by virtue of their singular political and cultural traits, then Cornwall should also be recognised as a nation and enjoy the same political power the two Celtic nations have now.

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