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Monday, 3.2.2015

Mali accepts to recognize Azawad as "human, sociocultural, symbolic reality"

Date: 02/03/2015

Bamako signs last Algerian proposal for a peace agreement, continues to reject Azawadi movements' demand to turn Mali into federal state · Document seeks to create regional, elected assemblies throughout Mali · Azawadi movements ask for more time to check proposal "with bases and populations" [+]

  • Kurds retake whole canton of Kobanê in one month, start to rebuild city

    Date: 27/02/2015

    Islamic State loses almost all territories gained since September · YPG-YPJ militias progress in canton of Cizîrê · Connection between both Kurdish cantons depends on forcing IS out of Girê Spî, where jihadists are concentrating fighters · Thousands of families are back in Kobanê [+]

  • Philippine President struggling to save peace process in Mindanao, autonomy for Bangsamoro

    Date: 26/02/2015

    Clash that left dozens dead weakens Benigno Aquino's bet to go ahead with Philippine-MILF deal · Philippine lawmakers now reject the approval of a Bangsamoro self-government act that was promised in 2014 · MILF says armed incident was caused by confusion, insists group remains committed to peace [+]

  • Spain's Constitutional Court declares call to Catalan Nov 9 indy vote illegal

    Date: 25/02/2015

    Court says first one of two calls to vote was unconstitutional · Catalan Government replaced the original call by a second one, which was suspended too by the Court · The vote went ahead anyway, more than 2.3 million cast their votes · Catalan President insists 2015 snap election will be de facto referendum on statehood [+]

  • President of Iceland says "independence in itself can never be negative"

    Date: 25/02/2015

    Ólafur Grímsson argues in Quebec that "the small size of a nation is not an obstacle to its success", "independence is not just a formality, is determined by the will of the people " · Icelandic leader quotes Icesave dispute as an example of "democratic choice" · Grímsson highlights that small- and medium-sized countries are on the rise in Europe [+]

  • At least 90 Assyrian Christians kidnapped by the IS in West Kurdistan

    Date: 24/02/2015

    Two people executed because of "dealing with Kurds" · Jihadists lauch offensive in canton of Cizîre's Khabur valley · Assyrian militia MFS fighting alongside Kurdish YPG to stop IS advance [+]

  • Norfolk Island autonomy under threat

    Date: 23/02/2015

    Australian Parliament report recommends repealing Pacific island self-government under economic arguments · Text argues Norfolk suffers from growing debt, emigration, crisis in tourist industry · Norfolk minister believes majority of islanders want to keep self-government, criticises report for not recognizing Norfolk's distinct character [+]

  • Mali, two Azawad's armed coalitions sign ceasefire deal ahead of new round of negotiations

    Date: 20/02/2015

    Warring parties commit to free detainees, stop "all forms of violence" · Cessation of hostilities should pave the way for a fourth round of negotiations under Algerian mediation · One of two coalitions demands large self-government for Azawad, the other one and the government reject it [+]

  • Doubts arise over fate of young Kurd Saman Naseem

    Date: 19/02/2015

    Amnesty says execution had been halted, later adds that Naseem could have "been executed in secret" · Naseem says he confessed alleged crimes after 97 days of torture [+]

  • Lombardy to hold non-binding vote on enlarged autonomy "in the framework of national unity"

    Date: 18/02/2015

    Lombardy President says the territory suffers from a fiscal deficit of 5,700 euro per person per year · Pro-independence party argues vote will be "useless," says Northern League is "Italianizing" itself · Democratic Party rejects vote, says further devolution can be immediately demanded under Constitution [+]

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