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Wednesday, 7.1.2015

Bloc Quebecois starts "permanent campaign" for independence until October Canadian election

Date: 01/07/2015

Secessionist party seeks to regain lost ground · The New Democratic Party won a large victory in Quebec in 2011 · The campaign will focus on eight main reasons for independence [+]

  • Pro-autonomy unity list hopes to shake up Breton politics

    Date: 16/06/2015

    Two main Breton political parties announce deal to run joint list for December's Regional Council election · Coalition intends to clear 10% threshold, make it into second round for the first time ever · Bonnets Rouges leader Christian Troadec to be top candidate [+]

  • "We want to have a self-determined, democratically legitimated Sorbian Parliament"

    Date: 30/04/2015

    INTERVIEW. A group of Sorbs started in 2011 a citizens' initiative to push for the establishment of the Serbski Sejmik, or Sorbian Parliament, within the legal framework of federal Germany. European Free Alliance (EFA) member Lusatian Alliance party is now raising this demand at the European level. Nationalia spoke in Bautzen to Lusatian Alliance President Hannes Wilhelm-Kel on this and other Sorbian current affairs. [+]

  • Departmental elections: pro-autonomy representatives elected in Northern Basque Country, Brittany, Corsica

    Date: 30/03/2015

    Euskal Herria Bai defeats National Front in Errobi-Aturri canton by a 56-point margin, secures two seats · MBP candidates in Brittany win elections in two cantons · Pro-autonomy Insieme per Bastia gets three candidates elected in Haute-Corse [+]

  • "We call for the immediate release of Arnaldo Otegi, a man who took risks for peace and democracy"

    Date: 25/03/2015

    24 world leaders endorse declaration highlighting role of jailed Basque leader in bringing peace to the Basque Country · Text demands the end of Spain's dispersal policy of Basque prisoners · List of endorsers includes former presidents, Nobel Peace Prize winners [+]

  • NPLD calls EU to grant official status to Catalan, Basque, Welsh, other languages

    Date: 06/02/2015

    European network bringing together governments and civil society groups wants EU institutions to highlight non-state languages as cultural, economic assets · Demands are based on 2013 resolution by the European Parliament · NPLD to promote Roadmap for Linguistic Diversity over next few months [+]

  • 89% of Austrians would favour reunification with South Tyrol: survey

    Date: 28/01/2015

    NEWS IN BRIEF. Opinion poll contradicts another one in 2011 according to which North Tyroleans vastly rejected union [+]

  • Five reasons why the battle of Kobanê is important

    Date: 26/01/2015

    Kurdish YPG-YPJ militias claimed victory in Kobanê after four months and a half facing Islamic State attacks. This crisis has brought unprecedented international attention on the Kurdish struggle. Why is this battle so important? An explanation by David Forniès* [+]

  • Tamils oust Rajapaksa from Sri Lankan presidency

    Date: 12/01/2015

    President loses election to Maithripala Sirisena by a margin of less than 4 percentage points · Massive Tamil support to Sirisena is key to understand the result · Tamil National Alliance had called Tamils to vote against Rajapaksa, whom it deems as anti-Tamil [+]

  • 2015 elections a test for stateless nations and peoples

    Date: 07/01/2015

    REPORT. Sri Lankan presidential vote signals start of intense election year · 2015 could be a key year for the future of several territories of Kurdistan and the Catalan Countries · Several stateless nations in Europe set to cast their votes over the next 12 months [+]

  • Kobanê, 100 days of resistance

    Date: 23/12/2014

    Kurdish city endures major Islamic State offensive · Jihadists were about to defeat YPG-YPJ Kurdish fighters in early October · Helped by US airstrikes, the Kurds have managed to keep half of the city under their control · Kobanê becomes symbol of the tenacity of the Kurdish people [+]

  • International campaign for the release of jailed Basque pro-independence leader Otegi reaches Barcelona

    Date: 30/06/2015

    Lawyer August Gil Matamala says Otegi's jail conviction is "monumental political and legal scandal" · List of first 46 signatories in the Catalan Countries of a manifesto demanding Otegi's release unveiled [+]

  • "Iraqi Kurds are less able to declare independence than they used to be one year ago"

    Date: 29/06/2015

    Cale Salih is fellow member of the European Council for Foreign Relations as an expert in the Kurdish question. She had previously worked for the International Crisis Group. A few days ago Salih analyzed Kurdistan's political and military situation in a seminar organized by the CIDOB centre in Barcelona. In this interview, Salih speaks about the role of Kurdish players in Syria and Iraq and the relations between them and with foreign powers. "Before ISIS took over Mosul, Iraqi Kurdistan was in a moment of state building, economic growth, democratisation, reforms… But now the priority is the fight against ISIS," Salih says. [+]

  • Fence to physically separate Hungary from Vojvodina

    Date: 26/06/2015

    Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán argues border must be "protected" from migrants · Border separating Hungarians on both sides will become more visible when the 175-km long fence is finished · Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians says citizens' daily life not to undergo changes, League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina calls plan "shameful", "horrifying" [+]

  • Islamic State attacks Kobanê five months after having lost it

    Date: 25/06/2015

    City attacked with booby-trapped cars, infiltrated fighters · At least 45 people dead in Kobanê, neighbouring village · YPG-YPJ struggle to defeat IS fighters · Sources diverge on route used by jihadists to reach Kobanê · Parallel attack by IS members in Hesîçe [+]

  • "Direct military involvement of the Saudi-led coalition has only exacerbated and prolonged the Yemeni crisis"

    Date: 23/06/2015

    INTERVIEW. International relations analyst Olga Aymerich says chances of reaching an agreement in the short term are at odds in Yemen as alliances in the field are new and artificial, with high levels of mistrust · In South Yemen, pro-independence supporters would be in a weak position in an end-of-the-conflict scenario, Aymerich argues [+]

  • Mali, coalition of Azawadi politico-military groups sign peace deal

    Date: 22/06/2015

    Coordination of Movements of Azawad gets more regional decentralization from Bamako, more investments for Mali's northern regions · Malian goverment welcomes agreement as it does not force it to concede federalism, autonomy · Deal sparks parcial discontent within CMA, Kidal's Tuaregs [+]

  • Tens of thousands demand Basque people's right to decide own political future

    Date: 22/06/2015

    Human chains formed in five Basque capitals, large scale ballot boxes built out of giant cloth sewn over the last year · Gure Esku Dago's mobilization insists Basque citizens must have key role in determining road towards new political status [+]

  • Hong Kong opposition vetoes planned electoral reform to introduce limited universal suffrage in 2017

    Date: 19/06/2015

    Under the proposal, only candidates backed by a 1,200-strong committee would have been allowed to run for office · Hong Kong opposition lawmakers argue the plan amounted to "fake democracy" · Hong Kong government, Beijing blame opposition members for hampering democractic reforms [+]

  • Catalonia's main two-party alliance CiU splits over Catalan independence stance

    Date: 18/06/2015

    Constituent parties CDC and UDC to run separately for crucial Sep 27 election · CDC commits itself to start road to secession from Spain if pro-independence parties get absolute majority · Most UDC leaders prefer not to break up from Spain, but to reach an association deal · UDC pro-independence senior members likely to join CDC electoral list [+]

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